Niki Juralewicz, LAc.

Niki Juralewicz

Professional Experience

Niki is a licensed Acupuncturist and accredited by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She earned her four year degree at Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine receiving the teachings in the lineage of two modern masters of Classical Chinese Medicine: Nguyen Van Nghi and Dr. Tran Viet Dzung. She currently studies with Jeffrey Yuen.


It was Niki's experience as a Modern Dancer that led her to the art of Classical Chinese Medicine. She was a principle dancer with the world renowned Trisha Brown Company from 1987-1996 and is an experience movement teacher, having taught professional dancers and non-dancers alike worldwide. She learned first hand about healing through Acupuncture; it was her connection to this medicine that kept her dancing at her highest potential throughout her career and took her far beyond her expectations for injury recovery and physical maintenance.


Niki has weaved the two worlds together in her current practice, offering both Classical Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and teaching her own technique of movement, ‘Dynamic Alignment', in both one-on-one and group settings.


Niki's teaching specialty centers around Alignment and the principles with which Alignment allows the body to experience energetic strength, flow and efficiency. She teaches the art of integrating Alignment for the dual purposes of greater inner connection and an expanded relationship to the outer world. Her teaching influences include Kinesiology, The Susan Klein Technique, Alexander Technique, Taiji and QI Gong, Mabel Todd, Walking, Modern Dance and Release Technique.


Philosophy & Approach to Wellness

Niki's approach to medicine treats the Body, Mind and Spirit with balance and flow. It is the integration and wholeness of these three interdependent entities that are the key facets of our health. Niki's practice is based upon the theory that health and wellness are recovered with Acupuncture treatments when there is a partnership between patient and practitioner. This active participation is not only empowering, but it is essential to supporting a renewed and healthy lifestyle, including good sleep, meditation, spiritual growth, medicinal nutrition and movement.


Niki believes that Nature is the oldest and most elegant teacher of healing, health and wellness. Aligning your life and work with the rhythms of Nature and the cycles of the seasons are powerful in support of your wellbeing and the prevention of illness. A foundational element of this connection is diet and medicinal nutrition. She offer consultation and recommendations for each patient based on their unique and personal healthcare.


By choosing Niki Juralewicz as your Acupuncturist, you choose a practitioner dedicated to recognizing your unique relationship with your body and the way you move through the world. Through Classical Chinese Medicine approaches and coaching of the fundamentals of Alignment, Niki assists clients as they manifest for themselves what they want in their lives, how they want to feel in their bodies, and who they want to be in relation to the world around them.

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