Niki Juralewicz, LAc.


Alignment is the way we encounter our life. It is a dynamic movement and not a static “place”. How we move is determined by the function of our posture and our encounters with gravity. When in a kinesthetic balance, the connection to our head, spine, pelvis and legs fulfill the innate design for support and motion.  Alignment instruction brings us back to this efficiency of postural movement and spatial clarity. The result  is alleviation from the physical, mechanical, psychological, energetic stress and pressures that we have accumulated and carry as we age. A new dynamic alignment is revealed much like a sculptor reveals the art within the stone. This is now unique to you: your body and your balance.


Postural and movement patterns happen over time. We gradually adjust and compensate for our symptoms of pain, stress and illness. Alignment can create a new response to these ailments. Alignment restores balance to our activities in motion and at rest. Alignment refocuses us to bring what is unconscious into awareness and change. Through Alignment, we rediscover our body, mind and spirit.


Benefits of Alignment:


•  Invigorates our energy

•  Leads to postural clarity

•  Stabilizes balance

•  Generates ease of movement

•  Leads to improved sleep

•  Alleviates pain

•  Improves digestion

•  Opens breathing

•  Strengthens the Immune System

•  Engenders emotional health

•  Promotes a new sense of calm

•  Inspires creativity

•  Serves as a form of meditation


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