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For nine months I have gone undiagnosed by any western medical practitioner, despite numerous tests, scans, specialists that left me feeling hopeless and crazy. During this period Niki has given me hope and relief from the constant pain I experience. She has coached me on dietary and lifestyle changes that have also made a difference. She has gone far and beyond what I have experienced from any medical practitioner. Most of all she has taught me that the way I communicate with my body, the relationship I choose to have, makes all the difference to my quality of life. I could not be more grateful to have found Niki.


~ Hannah


Acupuncture with Niki Juralewicz is a welcoming, holistic, and healing experience.  She begins each session by asking me how my last treatment was, and then checks in with me about how life has been since then.  After sharing with her my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, she places her fingers on my wrists and "listens" to what my body shares with her.  Then I lay down on the table, and
the very intentional process of lightly inserting needles into my skin, to penetrate my chi, begins.  Every treatment is specific to what is going on in my life at that moment (from back pain to overwhelming anxiety), and I always walk out feeling more centered and grounded than I did walking in. Niki is very aware of my physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort at all times during this process; she, and the acupuncture, support these areas of my health as much as anything I do in my life.  In addition, Niki's understanding of how to balance foods to help maintain the positive effects of acupuncture is deep as well as vast.  With her knowledge and support, my diet has become much healthier over the past year. 
I look forward to our sessions and am so happy to have found her in Durham!


~ Nicola


Niki Juralewicz is a true healer and a gifted teacher. I met Niki 9 years ago in her dance class. My body and dancing drastically changed in these years and even today in my own practice, I recall what I learned from her more than any physical therapist, teacher, or doctor. Her knowledge of the body is endless and her passion for it is contagious. She is able to express anatomical complexities in a clear and direct way so that each individual is able to mentally understand but also fully embody as well!


One of the most special things about Niki, is that she has a way of understanding and honoring each person's unique path (each person spiritually, physically and mentally). When you learn Alignment with Niki, she is not only guiding the bones of your physical body, but she is guiding your own body to self heal, to rebalance from within. The benefits of this type of healing are infinite and profound. Niki has a keen eye and is able to sense the subtleties of the body's energy, force and movement, so the learning curve is endless. Durham is so lucky to have her!


~ Lauren

Alignmnent and Dance

I met Niki 8 years ago. She taught a modern dance class in downtown Durham; I knew several people who took her class, and they recommended it to me (I'm a modern dancer).The class met on a weekly basis, and I attended religiously for 8 months, until I moved to New York City to pursue my dance career. When I began taking Niki's dance class and her pre-requisite Alignment class, I had already been a dancer for 8 years. I knew what I was doing, or so I thought. In Niki's class, I learned a totally different approach to dance. I still did the same modern dance movements I'd been doing for years, but my ability to do them was so much better due to her instruction. Niki introduced the dances I had always done in such a way that I embodied them differently, and better. Taking her class was one of the most fundamental shifts I've ever experienced as a dancer. Of the tens upon tens (maybe even hundreds) of movement instructors I've worked with in my life, Niki stands out as one of the very best. She cares for and connects to all of her students, and this investment-of-character is obvious in her teaching. Niki meets students wherever they are, and also has the ability to see their potential to improve from that place. She puts a lot of time and thought into planning her classes, down to the language she uses to communicate a difficult or new concept. As her student, I wanted to do my best under her direction, always felt comfortable asking questions, and couldn't wait for class each week. She's really good at explaining familiar movements in new ways, demonstrates mastery of the material she teaches, and her compassion for her students makes her go above and beyond when it comes to teaching.


~ Nicola

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